Dear Stretch 

I’ve read the old books and felt that yearning for your better self. To see that maybe you were wiser when you were younger. You were definitely someone I’d prefer to be. You don’t think so. You feel insanity burning so fiercely inside you that you’re pretty sure you’re sweating crazy.

Trust me when I say you’re not. No one can actually tell.

You’re going to see very soon that you’re going to meet someone people can’t help but love you. And love you passionately.  An intense and hot burning love that will never totally stop but they can’t keep up with the heat of it. One day you’ll find yourself wondering why.

It’s that same passion that people will hate you with. They will find that easier than loving you most days that’s for sure. You will navigate this with a quiet rage that will make them even more upset. They won’t see it, but you will feel it and you will teach yourself how to live with that constant fire burning inside you. It will become your shield, your venom and your constant friend. A friend that will kill any remaining emotion left.

Yes, this is not the hopeful words of a future filled with success. This is the confirmation that the present you is making the best decision for this situation. If I don’t regret it, I know you won’t.

Life’s short, live well.

Bella (you)

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