Sinking Ships

Ships. Not just huge vessels that float across the massive oceans and little rivers that spread across our huge planet. Those ships are expensive. But there are some ships that are cheaper and available to everyone. These ships are figurative; like friendships and relationships. And the latter as Bella had discovered in the last few years can be a messy huge pain in the ass!
Now it was just Bella’s  thoughts on when these two ships cross lines and combine.
And not so much when friendship turns into a relationship, but more so when relationship lacks friendship.
She believed one can exist without the other, but the other cannot exist without the one. Just as in how one can love without being in love, but one cannot be in love without love in any form already existing.

Bella found herself in that very position not that long ago. Before than she couldn’t imagine a lonelier feeling than just being alone and single with no one. Now Bella could  honestly say that there is no more lonely feeling than being with someone and still feeling very much alone.

It’s like drowning in eternity because she could breathe but she was exhausted and her chest was heavy and her  soul was so deep down tied no sleep could fix it. She almost lost her mind and herself. 

That morning she got that call. Only hours before her mother had texted her phone and Bella had ignored it. 

Unexpectedly to herself the tears flowed and she felt more alone than she had ever felt. When Linus held her and cried with her she felt the burning anger and the tears streamed harder. 

Her mother was dead. The relief insurmountable. 

Another string melted away in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus. 

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