Merry New Year

He said he was going to look for a job. It was later than usual, but not too late to cause her any real concern.

Isn’t that always the way.

Its quicker to explain than it was to live it. In simplicity, he left and never returned. For Bella to arrive to that conclusion however, it took days that started as hours and felt like an eternity. Fueled by unanswered questions and worry because she hadn’t yet figured out, or rather acknowledged what was really going on.

Mostly, because she didn’t want to, she had invested so much time into this, she had resigned to seeing this to the end. Problem was, it was the end and her stubborn ass didn’t want to admit it.

What a fucking time to do this! As though there would’ve been a better one.

Bella could have seen the humour in it if she was engulfed in absolute despair.

Happy fucking new year, here is to another broken string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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