Blues and Beards

on a last minute whim Bella ran out the door and made her way to the pub. it was the peak of summer and everyone was out. the air was filled with music and laughter and the sun felt warm on her skin.

The Toymaker was waiting for her at her destination. His eyes lit up when he saw her and in return he received a warm happy to see you smile.

the band was playing and the beer was cold

Words could not explain the level of joy she felt. euphoric. Bella and the Toymaker danced the night away to the numerous blues bands that occupied that stage.

Hot summer day turned into warm summer night. Bella and the toymaker mingled with the other patrons, drinking, laughing, smoking cigarettes.

Toymaker laughed at her jokes, hugged her close, introduced her to his people. She had never felt so …


Just like that, they danced away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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