Sunshine and Fireworks

Bella sat on a rooftop enjoying a beer in the sun. It had been a long time since Bella had felt this nice. The sun was warm on her face as she listened to the din of voices around her. Bella’s phone went off. She would glance down and smile.

The Toymaker.

The way he could express a desire to have her around was lovely. It felt refreshing and light. A new feeling for Bella. One that she could have endured easily the rest of her life.

When her drink was done, she leisurely made her way to where The Toymaker was waiting for her. The rest of the night was filled with flirtatious laughter, sparkling eyes and easy conversation. As the sun went down he walked to the center of the field where he sent off some of the best fireworks she had ever seen.

At least until one fell on its side and started firing at a nearby building. The Toymaker grabbed Bella’s hand and they ran for their lives, all while laughing so hard they could barely breathe or stay upright.

Luckily the building being made of cement took little damage and they escaped unscathed.

And also luckily twice over, as they stood under the sky where the remaining fireworks blew up, with it burned away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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