Warm Confusion

She sat there, on Nose’s couch. He sat there, Linus, across from her. Talking to Nose the Fat Guru like she was a mere decoration on one of the many shelves in Nose’ living room.

How far they had fallen.

“How did he give up so quickly?” She thought. “Am I not good enough?”

He had told her that she had lost his trust. She never did get a clear answer on how. She hadn’t lied, she hadn’t cheated.

He couldn’t give her a rsponse, yet without any words at all he could clearly relay that he no longer wished her to be around.

But on good days, fucking hold on to your menta stability because then Linus would want to cuddle and be be flirty before just a few hours of sleep could shut that shit down again.

Bella was in fucking agony.

On this day, this day was a regular one, a bad one, youc could say. Bella was getting no warmth from him. She did however get to watch him give it to someone else.

Every time she saw it, her stomach would flip and her chest would hurt.

She needed to get away from him. Soon enough she would.

Soon she would pull away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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