drinking til we cant feel feelings

Bella had always been a creature of habit.

She had to learn how to feel. Worse yet she had to teach herself HOW to feel. It was a devastating lesson. From a young age she had been conditioned to not show emotion, so much so that one day, she realized that she could not feel anything. Unsure of when it happened there was no mystery in HOW it happened though. It is hard to say which part of that was harder to deal with. Where they both equally damaging.

With each situation, she was finding herself, this one being no exception, she was finding it harder and harder to tuck it away for another day. She was slowly starting to boil from the inside out.

As time went on, with more and more things seeming to be going wrong, she was going to bubble over soon. With more

Bella was taken back to a long past conversation she had had with a far away best friend Lyriq

“One day you’re going to explode” she had said to Bella. At the time Bella had jusy shrugged it off.

What was going to happen, would happen. Deep down though she knew she didn’t, no she wasn’t gonna enjoy that.

Here we are Bella realized. In the middle of that very thing she had been warned about.

She missed the low numbing that she once carried. In a bottle that was.

Bella sighed. “oh to be able to drink til she couldn’t feel feelings anymore” whispered a voice through her head like a warm breeze.

She exhaled loudly, exagerrated, blowing away another string in the disentanglment of Bella and Linus

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