The End of one and The Beginning of Another

Well folks, its Christmas Eve and I can’t say that I am filled with the usual Christmas uletide *insert chosen profanity* euphoria that comes with this time of year.
This year for my family and I was not a great one, it started out pretty damn good, but then seemed to just take a slide into a porcelain pisshole and right on down into the plumbing.
Now lets not jump to any conclusions and assume that I am here to complain on how life has been so hard and I feel so lost and any other fishing for sympathy cliches that you can think of.
I am merely setting the mood for the first part of this wondrous journey through this magically depressing year and embarking on what hopefully turns out to become step up into a slightly better slightly medicated happier new year.
So please join me in the fun as we watch these crazy events unfold and stay with me peeps, watch the bad decisions be made and reaped with maybe some of these “mistakes” end up working out better than anticipated.
Forever your faithful teacher of how NOT to live your life,


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