Constant game of Catch up

Well ladies and gents let me be the first to say holy hell! what a crazy few months this has been! I must say what a beautiful disaster it has been. Most days I could watch the world burn, using the flames to light my cigarette. Since the very bitter christmas letter I have walked out, screamed bloddy murder, been pushed to the point where violence seemed like the best and only answer to my problems and yet here I sit, no police record and very little scarring. The months that have passed between when I started this and now have definitely been some for the books. I have taken some steps to try to better the quality of life, with a few set backs. Big ones. I truly can say that it is strange to bottom out and it not because of some form of abuse. I am sure that there are some that would say that what the situation I have found myself could be seen as that. But to me it does not feel that way. Although I do understand that, that’s usually the case. But meh bitches, this is the way the cookie is crumbling this month. I hear you’r eonly given what you can handle and when you learn the lesson, it stops. So we shall see. In the mean time, stay golden

Forever your teacher on how not to live your life

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