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Until It Wasn’t

She wanted to save him. Not like how other girls mean it. Bella wasn’t aiming to be the girl who changed him and then cried when he broke her heart. She wanted to show him he was more than his wallet or his connections. That he wasn’t dispensable and that someone could and did love him for who he was.

Bella saw him in his most real form. Sure he presented as happy and he wanted everyone to think that. But she could see the sadness in his eyes, the loneliness. He was just waiting for the day she didn’t answer her phone or stood him up.

That was never in the cards.

She loved him from the moment he sat down beside her and said hello. He loved her too. His eyes lit up when he saw Bella.

When they were together they were the closest thing to who they really were that they could be. Relaxed and no one else in the world mattered. It made no difference the story exchanged or the shitty pasts.

For a time it was the truest, most tangible piece of anything Bella had had in a very long time. It was wonderful. Until it wasn’t, of course.

The fool. Full colorful deck, major arcana. The old tarot card, vintage hand drawn engraved illustration with mystic symbols. Man in costume of harlequin jumping through abyss. Joker and cat.


They say you can tell how a man will treat you by how they treat their mom. Mostly this rings true, rang true. But there are exceptions to every rule. Like usual Bella chose to learn this the hard way.

This rule like her one other “if the dog don’t like them, you don’t like them”, she ignored them.

But his mother was a shitty mother and despite how crappy she was to him he treated her like a human and Bella like a queen.

The one time they had encountered a dog, its first and only reaction to him was to viciously bite him. Emphasis on vicious. It almost took his finger when it ripped itself away and high tailed it back to its owner.

Despite these two enormous hints, Bella continued on this journey with him. I think it was the adventure and the excitement of knowing he was not someone who would normally be interested in her paired with the fact that she knew, SHE KNEW, that he someone she shouldn’t want to know.

Funny how that works out.

Or doesn’t.

But that wasn’t what she was paying attention to. Instead what she saw was the fact he’d been shit on a lot and left behind consistently by people  he thought he could trust and still he treated others well. Always in a good mood. Taking care of himself and anyone who he felt needed, never asking for anything in return.

Old man eyes in a young mans body. He was an anomaly, the exception to the rule. A huge exception. Bella saw it. It made her want to make sure he was ok. So she knew someone was watching over him.