Thirds and Fourths

The worst about thing being this far down the rabbit hole of depression for Bella was the fact that she was more likely to daydream on the things she believed were unattainable and drift to the past and dwell on the things that she cannot change.

That was her M.O. lately was to dwell on HER. She was an ongoing and past problem that Bella couldn’t figure out how to truly solve. She had plenty of bandaid solutions that would work for a short time, but SHE always managed to weasel her way back in.

Mainly though, as Bella sat stuck in her sea of doubt and constant darkness that depression could be on its worst days, she was stuck in the loop of how SHE had helped her get here. Bella would run the scenario over and over. Compare and contrast the mistake she had made and the choices SHE had made and how they had both contributed this mess. But only Bella had to live with the consequences.

That always filled Bella with rage. Not only because of this situation, but because this wasn’t even the first time it had happened. It wasn’t even the second or third. For the love of everything holy, why the fuck did she keep LETTING her.

Well, because SHE was her mother. Are you not supposed to love and keep your mom?

Another string disintegrated in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus


He left her alone. Sadly it took longer than it should have for her to realize it, he was leaving her alone. Everyday for as long as he could. Avoidance, on a monumental scale. In the house he had moved her into without Nose’s permission.

They sat there for months before Nose admitted that he knew. She was thankful to not explain, mostly due to the embarrassment that it took Nose saying something for it to finally sink in. She did not realize it at the time, but this was Nose trying to help her feel better. Bella had unknowingly become one of Nose’s closest friends. She had been so lost in her own mind and worried about being a bother to him, that she had failed to see that he had actually went in the other direction.

Throughout Linus’ continuous abandonment Nose and Bella had been almost forced to spend every minute other than sleep, together. Not once had they fought or been short with each other. In fact, they had shared many fits of laughter and gained a large selection of inside jokes. Nose and Bella had exchanged the saddest and most private of moments from their lives all while turning around and laughing in the same breathe.

I believe it was safe to say that Nose and Bella had in fact become best friends.

A bond that had broken yet another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

Lights Lit with Gasoline

She sat there listing all the ways she could validate her feelings. Nose had even confirmed that Bella was right to feel that way. So why did she think maybe she was the problem? She quickly scrapped that notion. Dwelling would not fix this relationship.

Bella began listing in her mind all the ways she could improve. Every once in a while her mind would wander away and she would imagine him coming to realize the mistake he had made, which would then trigger her to see how her feeling this shitty and unable to voice it to him in a way he might believe her this time.

Bella gave her head a shake. No! she needed to focus on the current problem. Her. She needed to fix herself to fix this. If she changed herself to fit his mold this would be better. It was not hard, so why couldn’t she just do it?

And just like that another string burned away in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus


Here she ended this last decade where it began. Lost, alone, feeling like she had wasted precious time she would never get back. On something that never really wanted to waste time on her.

She was shown again that she is easily discarded, even when she holds something valuable. It’s not enough to give her value.

She never thought someone could make her feel so small.

Yet, here she was. It was largely her fault. She needed to stop living her life with the “lets just see what happens” attitude. Even thought admittedly it had mostly led to some great memories, this time she had lost herself in the journey trying to please someone who could not, who would not let themselves be pleased. At least not by her.

But boy had he fooled her this time. He started out so normal. so nice. Patients and understanding mixed in with severe conviction all in one package. This probably should have been a red flag. One she chose to ignore.

Much to her detriment it was not the only one. The signs only seen after the disaster seemed so clear now. At the time when she was completely submerged in it, she had genuinely thought she was the problem.

She sat there looking at the crumbled pile that was her life. Took a long breathe and started to pick up the pieces of her life.

As she picked up the pieces, one of them broke another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

21 Days Til the Sun Died

She carried The Suicide book with her everywhere. That little purple burden. It was both heavy and light. The place where the darkest and saddest parts of her rested. Bella did not particularly want to carry it with her wherever she went. There was the fear of a glance unnoticed over her shoulder, or the terrifying thought that she would set it down to forget it where it lay. It was similar feelings that caused her to bring it with her. God forbid that Nose came across it. Though he may not mean to be intrusive, she thought he may read it out of concern as he knew her best at this moment.

She felt for the book in her bag, more out of habit and silly, unnecessary worry that a book she knew was there wasn’t. She could feel the leather cover, the way the design of leaves and vine were embossed into the cover. It was there. So she sat down and picked up her pen.

She felt away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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