For Love or Money

A shitty person once said “someone has to be the janitor because not everyone can be rich”

Bella didn’t want to be rich, she just wanted to be okay. to not worry about when she would eat, if the rent would be paid for, she wanted to be able to afford to go out with her friends, she just wanted to be… comfortable.

Even that seemed to be beyond her capabilities. No matter how much she worked her ass off, she couldn’t on purpose fall into a raise, let alone accidentally get a windfall or happen to choose a human who could help her get those things.

All around her, people would discover their favourite hobby would become their main source of income, they would get inheritances, promotions, just happen to fucken choose the right human. She felt like she was standing in the middle of the street while everyone rushed by, living.

Enjoying. Life.

What was that like?

Why was this so fucking hard for her?

Was she really meant to be that janitor? She already seemed like the universe’s whipping post for other reasons. Why not this too.

Being the janitor wasn’t so bad anyway, You can’t really miss what you never had anyways right?

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