Fat Guru

Instead of leaving this time, he brought the party to her. As she sat in Nose’s living room, she got a front seat view of what Linus had been leaving to do.

It was sweaty, rotund fellow with one working eye and a severe lisp. He was so round that when he sat down on Nose’s rather large, solid couch, he had to spread his legs to make room for his large stomach. He breathed heavily as though it took a lot out of him to do only that.

His mouth opened again, out fell a lot of words, a lot of bullshit made to sound compelling and wise.Bella could see through it. She wondered why Linus didn’t. He sat there engaging and laughing. Bella however was taken back to a moment that felt long ago where Linus told her about this guy; how full of crap he was. How he worked really hard to stay away from him.

Yet, here he was. Found so quickly. Welcomed back into the fold like nothing had ever happened.


So many questions.

So many questions ripping through the threads that are Disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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