Dearest Me

She knew what she was doing and knew what she did. Bella knew this would happen and she honestly Fucken thought she could endure like always.  Let herself believe that she could just tuck it away like she always did. Push it to the back. To be truthful as she’s ever been…..

She is miserable

The weight of the realization that things like this had been happening to her for along time. Years, and now that she could see the pattern. The circle, with its slight changes to reflect what she had learned from the last time.

It was fucking maddening. She could finally see the forest for the trees…

She didn’t know how to fix it. She knew how NOT to fix it.

What the fuck was she going to do now?

Bella had never felt more trapped in her life. Fuck.

All while in this mental prison. Another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus quietly slipped away.

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