She still looked down his street every time she drove past. It was more habit than curiousity these days, still she had to admit she was still a little curious.

She had fewer and fewer reasons to go to that part of town these days and she no longer felt compelled on a whim to be the one that did go to that nieghbourhood when it was needed.

He hadn’t really done anything amazing after he’d left her like he had implied and she had believed to strongly. In all actuality, Linus had done fuck all. He shrank into the abyss that was her lockbox of things done and gone that would remain unchanged.

As much as she thought it would have been otherwise, it was Linus’ world that stopped that day in the street never to start up again.

After a while the curiousity dissipated as a whole. It had helped that he had another mental meltdown that he decided to share with her. As one last stance to ensure I suppose that she might feel sympathy for him. It worked, just not the way he had anticipated. Instead of her feeling sympathy towards him and what he felt was his plight, apathy is what took over.

So she herself snipped another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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