She had developed this shitty habit. On the not so rare occasion that Linus left her alone, she had started going through his stuff. To be real, Bella was snooping. It had all started so honestly, so innocently. She had been walking past a shelf with a basket of laundry and she had bumped it. Items had fallen, Bella had sighed and set down the basket. She started picking up the little box with trinkets and photos that had fell and spilt open.

At first she was just mindlessly picking up the mess, but a face had caught her eye. It was female and she did not know this face. It caused her stop for a moment, she stared mesmerized by this stranger. She wasn’t concerned it was “someone else”, she had already put the pieces together and figured it out. What was actually causing her to stop, was how different this person looked from herself.

There were literally no parallels between the two. What had he even saw in her? In Bella? Which of them was the experiment? Were they both?

It blew her away a little bit and with it, another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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