Desperate is as Desperate Does

This was one of her most affirmatory and uncertain moments all at once. She sat on Nose’s couch where she where for one rare moment Nose had brought up the whole situation with Linus.

Their mutual friend BJ had been very much team Linus and been questioning her treatment of Linus. Nose had quickly shut BJ down, telling her she had no idea nor place to weigh in, she wasn’t there and her account was a heavily biased tale of what happened.

Still BJ held fast and true to her narrative. As much as Bella felt the stab to the gut. She still remembered that night not too long before where a very intoxicated BJ thought the best way to bond with Bella was to confess how very deeply in love she had and still was in with Linus.

What a fucken way to make a friend

She was probably the only person Bella felt confidently that she was at least a little higher on the totem pole than her. At least she’d managed to fuck Linus.

At least she could say that.

She could have also said that another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus had also just as willingly fucked off

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