Dreadful Love

Now that  things had begun to calm down. Bella had begun to notice somethings that made her pause.

At first she thought they were just trying to have some normalcy after she had moved out, as time went on Bella began to notice that every time he was around her he was a little ….. strange.

His eyes lingered a little too long and he would smirk in a way that I think was meant to be endearing, only for it to be creepy.

He looked sad and to be honest, a little crazy. The tin armour that Linus was wearing had finally begun to crack.

Bella could see that actual man underneath and the man under that mask was nothing like that man she thought that she knew. The rose coloured glasses are.

All of a sudden he was eager to help her, to lend her an ear when she was stressed out. Linus began saying all those beautiful things again.

With each kindness he sent her way, Bella found she was repulsed by it and she just wanted, no needed to create distance between them.

With each kindness he sent her way, he severed another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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