Suns and Fairs

They had made a plan to go to the fair, together they had found a ride and made a plan. Linus was annoyed to say the least. he had gone to Nose and asked him to wait for him to get done. Nose declined, he had given him ample time to arrange for him to go with them.

That morning, Nose and Bella gathered their belongings and made their way out to the grounds. Some people had already arrived and happily received Nose and Bella.

It was a weekend that Bella did not know that she had needed. It was all sun, fun and laughs.

She spent the better part of the weekend with Nose getting up to no good, yet harmless fun made through beer fog. They laughed so hard their sides hurt.

Eventually Linus did make it out to where they were, and despite his best efforts he could not spoil the fun for Bella. She made a point to stay away from him and there were more than enough people there to help ensure this.

Nose and Bella drank and joked the weekend away. Bella felt as light as the rays that shown down on Nose and herself as they strolled through the fair. The lights, the smells, the fun. The feelings of contentment. Those were the things that would stay with Bella. That and Nose, that weekend had solidified a friendship that Bella had not expected to find in someone who seemed so close to Linus.

As that gap closed between Nose and Bella, it snapped away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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