Bad Medicine

She spent so much time trying to prove something to him, Bella lost herself. She saw all the walls he put up, the isolation. She saw the pattern if he leaves first or hurts her first than it will okay.

She saw it because it was her pattern. At least it had been. This time, Bella had decided that she would try something different. So to have him do to her, what she had done before was defeating.

Her own medicine, so bitter.

She knew what was happening, so why couldn’t she stop it? That was frustrating.

And defeating.

The real problem that she couldnt’ see, was that Linus was preventing Bella from being herself.

And she was letting him.

She spent so much time watching and understanding how he’s treated versus how he wanted to be treated. Bella watched him yearn for his past success in the way she wanted him to yearn for her. Linus would dodge responsibility and feign happiness. He never wanted to deal with the serious, or the real.

With Bella.

She was finally starting to feel that maybe she did not want to be with Linus anymore.

With that revelation, another string broke away in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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