Bella was starting to see him unravelling. It looked not new. But it was new to her. She had spent so much time lost, romanticizing what she and Linus had that she had missed a lot of the crazy. It had been Nose that had made her see the light. The moment that he told her they were going to be friends no matter what happened.

It was like the sun had finallu broken throught the clouds and for the first time in a long time Bella could see the forrest for the trees.

She had returned the pills to the doctor. Her doctor had smiled and given her words of encouragement for her choice. When Linus had found out, he had been livid. He had delved deep into the pills and living that way. He was upset that she had not chosen his path.

By this point Bella could see that his path wasn’t going to get them back to where they were. For the first time, she did not want to. He was unrpedictable and harsh. He was bringing around people that he had previously condemned, and being more dismissive than ever.

He was upset that Nose refused to choose a side between them. This was a new kind of chaos. It was still crazy and Bella bore witness to Linus openly trying to gain members to be on his side and make Bella feel like shit in an new way.

Joke was on him though, Bella already felt like shit all the time. None of this had any affect on how she was going to feel going forward because for the first time, she did not give a fuck about Linus’ feelings towards her.

It was liberating. So liberting in fact that Bella herself snapped another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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