Villains and Heroes

Why did it seem so necessary for Bella to be the villain? She pondered this sipping her coffee. How long had she had to deal with this unrealistic and shitty view some people seemed to love to have in her regard.

Bella had honestly believed that that part of her life was done. But yet here she was. Processing the latest and greatest pile of shit thrown at her. It had been long enough that she was surprised at how rusty she felt, but also how quickly the old feelings and guards came rushing to the front.

She was also quietly pissed this time. She was thinking about how she wanted to handle this. Or if she wanted to handle this. It felt like something that needed to be handled, resolved. Was it though?

She was mad at herself for essentially letting it happen. She chose this human, did she not? She suppressed all the signs that he was not the person she had wanted him to be.

Somehow, out of all the humans on this planet, she had found one that was exactly like her.

Bella was so tired of being the whipping psost for other people’s issues. At the same time she was starting to wonder if maybe she was the poison in these peoples lives. They all seemed so ok when she would first meet them. As time went on and they were exposed to her for longer, it was as though they were slowly tainted and turned bitter.

Linus was very vocal about the fact that Bella was the source of his problems.

Was she the burden?

The poison?

The villain?

Who was the hero snapping away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus?

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