Big Fires Everywhere

Nothing like a little self sabotage to clear your path. Bella walked into that party with the whole hearted intention to find that one who could help her achieve her goal. If there was anything that Bella was extremely good at, it was finding that one.

And she did. In fact, this time she did not even have to seek him out. He sat down next to her, smiled, greetd her. Bella warmly welcomed this future demise. He would not have to hang around long, which would make him think Bella was a “cool chick” and inevitably lead he and she to that final explosion that would consume any one and anything within the large radius that Bella would set.

Bella hoped Linus would be in that vicinity.

So Bella celebrated her plot with her new found friend Eight. They celebrated hard, hot and fast. Bella setting those fires everywhere. Ensuring openly and without regret that this would be big.

Large and consuming.

With that Bella bumped away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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