She could disappear tomorrow and it would take him a few days to notice.

well that is not completely true, she could probably get a good 10 hour start though and even then Linus would assume “the problem” had solved itself.

Bella wonderd if anyone would actually miss her, The dark parts of her brain would take over and feed this particular train of thought.

She assumed even Nose would feel relief if she was gone.

Linus had been very successful in convincing Bella that she was in fact “the problem” and her absence would improve everyones quality of life.

She felt so alone in that room with those two. It got worse when there were visitors. Bella felt herself shrink even deeper into the couch, frozen, hoping if she didnt talk or move to suddenly, she could get through the visit with minmal to no attention brought to herself.

On top of having to reside with Linus in a house that wasn’t even his, she felt like a complete fucking joke.

That was until she remembered that they barely saw her.

The one part that wasn’t a delusional was that she saw that Linus had been successful in making some people believe that he was the victim. He had a few groupies that stared at Bella with jealousy and contempt.

Then she didn’t feel so invisible. They stared at her with their laser fucking vision and with it burned away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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