Inky Blackness

Here she was again, entering the abyss that gets harder to leave with every visit. Bella swore the inky blackness got blacker every time she would enter. The grip would get stronger, the pull harder. And each time she would be a little weaker after the return trip.

Years of being “strong” had only weakened her resolve and mental tenacity. She felt like she was being put through the wringer.

Linus had pushed her into it this time. More like he fucking spartan kicked her in and then would tease her with a rope. Reign her back in with his rope of subtle kindness and wit. Charming his way back until she dropped her guard and then letting the rope go again.

It was like his fucking favourite past time these days.






Every time


Oh she knew it was bullshit, that it was fake and fleeting.

Bella was so desperate for things to be the way they were that she held on tight to even the smallest threads of emotion that Linus tossed her way.

So tight in fact, that she herself snapped another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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