When the Party is Over

It wasn’t fun anymore, she joined in sipping on her whiskey simply for something to do. In the moment it was nice, engaging and confortable as Nose would ask if she wanted some more. She always said yes.

As the night would progress, even if Linus was there, everyone would relax and there would be some semblance of normalcy. That was the nice part.

The not so nice part was when the night was over. When she lay in the dark room with Linus snoring comfortably through the wall.

When she was alone with her thoughts. All the thoughts. There was something about that whisky drunk that made her thoughts so incredibly clear.

In those fleeting moments before she fell asleep, her whole world made sense. The parts where she could be happy elsewhere, far from here.

The shitty parts that she had a hard time processing in the sober brightness of the day.

In this moments and the ones like it, Bella knew Linus was an undeserving piece of shit and she was better than he deserved. In these moments she knew what she had to do to get away from this and feel better.

In these moments she knew how people became alcoholics. Fuck she wondered how she had manged TO NOT become one.

In these moments she held the scissors and willfully cut away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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