The line were getting blurry. Bella had successfully implemented assured destruction for herself and Linus. Along with that choice, came some unexpecte curve balls. Emotions that Bella did not expect. The clear lines that defined relationships had begun to blur. Feeding new ideas into Bella’s head.

She possessed the skill to ignore these with little effort. For now she would keep that at bay. However helpful those feelings were. They were definitely keeping her where she was safely. They possessed the patience to put up with the shenanigans she was up to.

She was enjoying the little bit of mystery that came with her purposeful choices. That was the part she enjoyed the most. She knew right out of the gate that he was a fucking nightmare. But he had the right characteristics to make Linus upset.

As she pursued this venture with this little nightmare she was unleashing, the lines between fun and real began to blur.

With wreckless abandon, Bella let go of the guard that helped separate the true from the false, with it another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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