Post Destruction Pillow Talk

On the other side of the path of destruction that Bella had lain, she found herself in a mountain of bullshit she had created for herself that she would have to clean up. That nightmare called Cal that ended up being a bigger issue than she had first intended.

The mess she had created, proved to be more than anticipated.

The destruction a long the way though… MAGNIFIQUE!

Sp potent it almost had a true flavour that she could taste. The taste was so sweet and satisfying. A long over due just desserts

The fear in his eyes when he thought she was actually going to be with someone else. How he came to her and pleaded and attempted to guilt her.

He pleaded and almost begged. Not quite though, that was beneath him still. He yelled and cried and glared.

Bella revelled in it.

Linus was finally feeling a small taste of what he had out her through.

It felt reasonable and right.

Although it was neither.

It was merely the first knick in the final strike on the collections of strings that make up what is the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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