In the midst of dealing with Linus and his fuckery, the hits just would not stop.

The only other person who could upheave her world, mayhap even better than Linus

The old pro.


For many years there was only one thing, nay, one person that was the reason that Bella did or did not do the things that she did.


The person who rather knowingly dictated the choices Bella made, whilst feigning ignorance on the matter.


The one who liked to spin the tales to best suit her narrative.


She had the audacity to fucking die while Bella’s life was already fucking imploding in one last final fuck you to Bella’s existence


On the very top of all this that greasy little Linus tried to embrace her as though to comfort her.

The rage induced after the nausea abaded was hot enough to burn away another string inteh disentanglement that was Bella and Linus

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