Not Quite Over

She should’ve known this wasn’t it. No she knew, she for the first time in her life, willfully and knowingly ignored the cherry red flags and decided that if she just put her head down that this would work.

It needed to work because she needed to get out from under the same roof as Linus and at this point she would do it any way possible. Even if that way was sure to implode her life later.

The shit she would put up with in the name of “love”. Love that she didn’t even really feel. She told herself she did.

The mental gymnastics she performed were nothing short of amazing.

This wasn’t the end, maybe halfway. Halfway to the impending implosion. Cal was here to finish what Linus had started. Linus had lain the groundwork for Cal to sweep in and finish the mayhem.

Phew! Bella was so caught up in the chaos that she couldn’t see that this was more than just a rebound, it would the thing that changed her forever.

One of the things that was a another broken string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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