Life’s A Puzzle

It had taken so many years for her to not only collect all the parts, but successfully put them together to see the picture in all its traumatic gaslit glory.

Thanks to her innate ability to choose the same kind of dumpster fire over and over again, she began to see a pattern emerge. Each time it would happen she would started to notice that similar events would transpire, or at least inspire similar feelings as before. The timelines were too similar to be comfortable.

Although she couldn’t predict the exact events, Bella could however predict the emotion evoked and a rough time line of when. It was a wild and agonizing ride she thought as she sat there on the floor in the middle of Linus’ living room… alone.

Oh the depressing revelations one could deduce once alone and in despair.

All that in one fell swoop another string broke in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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