Angry Closure

She guessed that somethings would never change. When Bella was feeling low and shitty she would always find herself alone. Even when he was right beside her and could see. Linus would actually get up and leave. He knew she wouldn’t say it out loud. He knew her well enough to know, and chose to remove himself.

Still, even if she wouldn’t say it, why did she have to? After all this bullshit, why did she have to say it? She never any kind of closure or apology. She got shit on and left to deal with it.

By herself.

Why did Bella have to say anything? Why couldn’t Linus open his mouth once in a while?

Sometimes she just needed someone and she couldn’t get the fucken words out.

Bella was bursting at the seams with despair and anger.

With that split seam, away went another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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