A Little Nightmare… Maybe

Of all the people who have strolled in and caused chaos in her life, he was the worst. Big nightmare in a little package.

And you know…. Bella saw the nightmare behind his eyes built out of bright bloody flags and she threw bleach on them to turn them narcissist pink and blatantly told herself he was just sensitive.

She didn’t even really want him around anymore, at this point she was just bored and it bothered the motherfucker who was in second place for the most shitty human in her life. Not to mention, she was having fun doing the mental gymnastics to convince herself that she actually liked this one.

Mostly she liked the attention.

More so, she liked how much Linus hated him. Bella let that hatred fuel her affection for this one.

It was a nice change, made it easy to ignore all the other obvious warning signs that this lil fucker was going to really fuck her shit up like a champ

Fuck she hated him.

Maybe more than Linus.


Maybe another string in the disentanglement of Bella and LInus burned away just there

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