Out for Smokes

She was sitting in one of the Stripper twins living room. They had just arrived from a long drive. Everything seemingly fine. Bella sat down and made small talk with his friend.

She didn’t mind this one. She was friendly and seemed to also like Bella. For the first time in a long time, Bella though that things would be ok.

At least she felt like things were going to improve, that finally he was ready to participate in this and fix things, work on things like a proper couple.

If she only knew how far from the fucking truth that could be.

He just needed to pop out for a minute, see a friend real quick and he would be back.

At least that is what he said 8 hours ago when he kissed Bella, told her he loved her and then left with the twins boyfriend. The boyfriend had since returned. Bella had texted and called him, called his friend, the friend he said he was going to see.

Thats how she found out that he never really went to see that friend.

This was the true beginning of the end.

Bella had finally broken down to the last few strings of the disentanglement of Bella and Linus

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