Cold Coloured Glasses

There was a shift in the air. So gradual that Bella hadn’t even picked up on it. She was so twisted up with everything that was going on, there really was no way for Bella to even realize the change had happened.

It was the way she felt about Cal, about Linus, even Nose. As though another layer of vision had been revealed. Of course like all things in Bella’s life, it was truth shrouded with a little bit of doubt and lies from her own head. Her perspective was always a little askew.

There it was none the less. The shift in the way she saw these three that had been the most recent constants in her life most recently.

Bella wouldn’t see it right away, there was a big shift coming. from inside her that would absolutely alter all of them.

What a wild ride it would end up being for them all.

With that knowledge, oh so quietly another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus broke away

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