Scratches and Scars

“One day you’re going to explode” she had said to Bella. At the time Bella had jusy shrugged it off.

What was going to happen, would happen. Deep down though she knew she didn’t, no she wasn’t gonna enjoy that.

Here we are Bella realized. In the middle of that very thing she had been warned about.

All it took was a scratch. One scratch to open the dam and let everything come pouring out. Bella felt like she was on fire and freezing to death at the same time. It was pins and needles to the absolute max, with no solutions how to reign it in.

Everyone was a victim of her emotions rushing to the surface. Bella felt insane, and that was saying something.

It was the vicious repetitiveness of everything. Bella had been living the same cycle over and over only brave enough to change small things, so although a slightly different path, the outcome was always the same. Chaos

Living the ver definition of insanity.

This whole situation with Linus had brought out more than she had been ready to deal with. Not only that, the other terrible events that she could not have foreseen that decided to take place during this already very trying time in her life.

The death of Her, being abandoned far from home by “friends and family”. It was made clear that Bella could not stay where she was and she was destined to return to a place where she did not want to be.

But she did. It was better than staying in her own waking hell. The place where this all began. She was spiralling.

So she endured and returned to Nose’s. Where Linus had the audacity to hug her and tell her he missed her.

She was pissed, and crazy.

Burning hot. Burning away another string in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus.

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