get bitter not better

It’s their and it’s her fault

It wasn’t their fault that Bella was where she was exactly, but it’s their fault she was on this path to begin with. The fact that after all this, he was seemingly doing well shoudn’t even matter.

Instead she was bitter.

Fuck that guy.

Because of him she stopped listening to herself. “I know thats not all on you.” She thought to justify his behaviour.

But it was all his fault. He knew it was his fault, never to admit it beyond the look in his eyes.

But thats how it landed.

Bella would let that be the louder voice. His voice. always louder in her head than her own.

The one time Bella was brave enough to voice what she felt and what she wanted, Linus ignored her.

He never listened again either. In turn she stopped talking. The end was nigh

And the strings in the disentanglement of Bella and Linus were becoming sparse

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